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h J R

- 5 days ago

@CeliaRichards0n: To clarify once again: Restore Trust is NOT part of the National Trust. Restore Trust is the trading name for RT2021Ltd, a private company. This is really important. Please challenge this claim when you see it in their corporate communications. Please RT. https://t.co/6dkVlx2BFT
h J R

- 5 days ago

@em_readman: Obsessed with the discovery that "freelance" comes from a medieval term for a mercenary warrior (who is sworn to no lord.) A literal free lance. I am a knight.
h J R

- 8 days ago

@TabitaSurge: It's ma's funeral tomorrow. She was an undiagnosed autistic woman: I'm sharing my eulogy as a love letter to autistic parents 'When I met with the celebrant to start preparing for this funeral, he asked what mum was like. What were her hobbies and interests? Gardening, perhaps?'
h J R

- 12 days ago

Uh. Think it’s starting. It’s been fun tweeps. Will miss you all on #bookTwitter a lot. Am over on on IG x #writingCommunity https://t.co/XgNH5zHiH5
h J R

Hello dear Readers,

Hope you’re holding up OK and staying home. This’ll pass, I keep telling myself. And it will. We’ll get through it together, to a better, kinder place.

A special shout out to NHS and other health folk: a huge thank you from us all. A debt we can’t ever repay.

To my creative writing students:

As my forthcoming library workshops have been postponed indefinitely, I’ve begun recording them for you instead. Take a listen to my first sessions are below.

Please let me have any comments: topics for future podcasts and anything else that strikes you: JoyRhoadesWorkshops@gmail.com Favour: I need you to tell me everything annoying, no matter how small (or big :))

Above all, try to switch off, write and be well. Look forward to ‘seeing’ you (virtually and especially in person) when this is all over.

All my best wishes,


Episode One: Three Steps To Creative Writing

       Episode Two – Outline or Plotting – Part I

     Episode Three – Outline or Plotting – Part II – a fairy tale

(And here’s one of the character-interview-questionnaires I refer to in this episode:  https://www.writingclasses.com/toolbox/character-questionnaire/gotham )

Episode Four – Outline or Plotting – Part III – Walk through a fairy tale plot outline

Episode Five – Dialogue- Part I – Make your dialogue sound great ( and work hard )


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