#StaySafeStayHome                #ReadOn

#StaySafeStayHome #ReadOn

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RT @ben_rosen: BIGGEST TWIST ENDINGS 3) fight club 2) the sixth sense 1) the song “row row row your boat”
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RT @joelgolby: coronavirus was invented by mark zuckerberg to make us take the tape off our webcams
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RT @Holbornlolz: This is EXACTLY the kind of lockdown I was hoping for https://t.co/F8AK903aPZ
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RT @OliveFSmith: I have disinfected the plums that were in the icebox
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Hello dear Readers,

Hope you’re holding up OK and staying home. This’ll pass, I keep telling myself. And it will. We’ll get through it together, to a better, kinder place. Maybe just read, read and read some more.

To my creative writing students:

As my forthcoming library workshops have been postponed indefinitely, I’ve begun recording them for you instead. Take a listen to my first sessions are below.

Please let me have any comments: topics for future podcasts and anything else that strikes you: JoyRhoadesWorkshops@gmail.com Favour: I need you to tell me everything annoying, no matter how small (or big :))

Above all, switch off, write and be well.

Look forward to ‘seeing’ you (virtually and especially in person) when this is all over.

All my best wishes,


ps A special shout out to NHS and other health folk: a huge thank you from us all. A debt we can’t ever repay.


Episode One: Three Steps To Creative Writing

       Episode Two – Outline or Plotting – Part I


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