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To creative writing students:

As my forthcoming library workshops have been postponed indefinitely, I’ve begun recording them for you instead. Take a listen to my first sessions are below.

Please let me have any comments: topics for future podcasts and anything else that strikes you: Favour: I need you to tell me everything annoying, no matter how small (or big :))

Above all, try to switch off, write and be well. Look forward to ‘seeing’ you (virtually and especially in person) when this is all over.

All my best wishes,


Session 1: Three Steps To Writing

Episode one deals with the three steps to creative writing.

listen to full episode

Session 2: Plotting, part I

First in a three part series on plotting.

listen to full episode

Session 3: Plotting, part II: A Fairy Tale

The second part in the series on plotting. (Including a link to one of the character-interview-questionnaires I refer to in this episode.)

listen to full episode

Session 4: Plotting, part III: Walk through a fairy tale plot outline

Third, and final, podcast in our series on plotting.

listen to full episode

Session 5: Dialogue, Part I: How To Make Your Dialogue Sing

Our first look at dialogue – how to make it sing.

listen to full episode

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